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Even Cowboys Get the Blues

As much as we want to claim that we have progressed to a point where getting therapy isn't stigmatized, the truth is there still remains a cloak of secrecy around therapy. Tell that to Cowboys quarterback #4, Dak Prescott who is a rockstar, by my math!

Typically, mental health struggles stay quiet - a shared secret contract between a person and their therapist. And therapists are unintentionally part of the problem; bound by the rules of confidentiality surrounding private health information, we can't and won't even acknowledge our clients in public. So, the internal struggles are kept quiet and as Brene Brown has so clearly identified, this unintentionally perpetuates the shame cycle and keeps us stuck.

This is part of why I took particular notice when Dak Prescott spoke up about his struggles with depression and anxiety. He's human, but is the world of NFL football ready for him to be human and speak frankly in this way?

We are and we think pro sports are, too! Oh, and not to spoil the ending, but Dak got help and spoke up, which actually makes him stronger! It would be my guess that the work Dak put into his mental wellness will also support his recovery from ankle surgery last weekend. Mental wellness is whole being wellness.

Here is the article (below) and here are some resources if you are interested in getting support for anxiety, depression, or other symptoms.


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