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 ONLINE COUNSELING to improve your life

We offer online therapy (telehealth) to people residing in Oregon.

While our brick and mortar office is centrally located on a quiet side-street in beautiful Bend, Oregon, we offer telehealth (online counseling) to clients living throughout the state of Oregon. Whether you live in busy metropolitan areas such as Portland or Salem, or small coastal communities or even more remote, rural areas, we can meet you where you are to provide online counseling.


Why choose telehealth?

Online therapy is a great option for many reasons. Sometimes people choose online therapy because they connect with a therapist who doesn't live close-by. Other times, online therapy can be a great option for increased confidentiality, flexible scheduling (no commute), and finding a specialty which may not be available locally. Some of our specialties include EMDR, CBT, and working with addiction.  

Telehealth also offers another layer of confidentiality. Without going to a physical location, clients don't need to worry about if they will be seen. 

Our providers are skilled at utilizing two-way video, phone, and even secure messaging to support our clients remotely.

Please check with your insurance provider to determine if telehealth is a covered service for your plan.


Online therapy offers the benefits of therapy with the ease of being able to meet in the comfort of your own home without having to manage a commute or waste valuable time in transit.

We’re ready when you are. Contact us today and let’s get to work.

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