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Nice to meet you, I’m Sophia.

I am an LPC-Associate in the state of Oregon and hold a master’s degree in counseling from Northwestern University. I have received training in EMDR as well as the assessment and treatment of complex PTSD. I have also completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training with a Registered Yoga School and training in Integrative Mental Health. I’ve been working in the field for 3 years and I am so grateful to be in this profession.


Let’s cast aside labels, the idea that something is “wrong with you”, and instead honor the multidimensionality of our existence and desires for change. With empathy and a trauma-informed lens, I meet you where you are at and strive to provide you with a brave space and the tools to heal and thrive. I use an integrative approach in my practice, drawing from a range of techniques tailored to your specific needs, that is centered on trauma-informed care. Some integrative approaches include person-centered therapy, motivational interviewing, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy, mindfulness, and somatic awareness body-based practices. 


I have worked with survivors of sex trafficking, military, and individuals who have experienced complex trauma.  It would be an absolute honor and a privilege to walk alongside you in your journey.

Sophia Busse(she/her), MA, LPC-A

Some fun things about me:​

  • Movie(s) I love: Big Fish

  • Favorite food to eat out: French fries with honey mustard dipping sauce 

  • Favorite food to cook: I love making stews and curries

  • Favorite thing to do in Bend: Hiking and enjoying time in nature

  • Hobby(ies): Snowboarding, surfing, scuba diving 

  • Dream destination: New Zealand

  • Favorite quote or personal motto:“I am a creature alive, riddled in scars and stories. I cannot give perfection. But oh, I can give everything that is real, everything that is human, everything you can feel.” Poem by Tania Hart

  • Favorite weekend destination: Near water! The ocean, river, chasing waterfalls

  • Three words that describe me: Empathetic, compassionate, respectful

  • Number one bucket list item: Have a garden and learn how to grow food

  • On a day with no obligations, I will be: Sipping coffee and exploring Oregon, spending time with family and friends, attempting to learn something new, or sleeping…

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We’re ready when you are.

Contact us today and let’s get to work.

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