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Who is Drishti Bend?

Welcome to Drishti Bend, we’re so glad you found us. If you’ve known us for a while, you’ll see that we’ve recently released an all new website and we are so excited about it. Thank you Katie Boyer Clark for the redesign which truly speaks to who we are!

Today I wanted to talk about Drishti. It’s kind of a funny name for a practice and in every marketing and advertising article I’ve read, I’ve learned what a mistake it is to have an obscure name. People apparently want to know what the name means and having a name that doesn’t provide this information in theory hurts our website traffic. But, I have always liked to do things a little differently, so we are Drishti Bend and the meaning behind the words inspires us and we hope it inspires you, too.

Drishti is about focus. It is about looking to where you want to be and holding that space until you can reach that point. Drishti is about standing in the here and now and conceptualizing a different path, a new path, or the journey of one’s existing path and saying “I am capable of getting there.”

Drishti is about envisioning all that is in front of you and evolving through strength and support. If you allow us, your Drishti providers will walk alongside you on this journey and support you in developing ways of thinking, identifying thoughts of believing and actual concrete steps to help you follow your path. We believe that each of us has within us, the strength and skills to make meaningful changes and we will champion you and offer suggestions to help you meet your goals. Whether those goals are looking for a new job, changing a relationship, or overcoming painful memories, we will support you through Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and other appropriate interventions.

Many of us also sub-specialize in working with addiction or co-occurring disorders (when people experience both emotional and substance use related symptoms) and we are a state approved DUII provider, should you find these services are of interest to you. I should also mention here that part of why I chose the name Drishti was for confidentiality. I think the name is part of how we offer you privacy because it isn’t obvious what we do from our name. Whether we are meeting with you one on one or you’re attending a group, your privacy is important to us.

I hope you will find our practice to be one where you feel comfortable and welcome and I hope you like our redesign!



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